We can conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA's) for students. The purpose of the FBA is to:

  1. Define the student's behavior that is interfering with school instruction.
  2. Identify variables that are maintaining the student's behavior.
  3. Capture a 10-day baseline of the student's behavior.
  4. Identify replacement behavior/responses to replace the maladaptive behavior and potential teaching strategies for these replacement responses.


Essential Points to Note for the FBA Process:

Our FBA's are limited to a 10-hour contract. 
We do approximately 5-6 hours of direct work within the school and with the parent/teacher/providers, and the remaining time is spent analyzing data and writing the actual FBA.  
The FBA does not include a Behavior Intervention Plan, however, we make recommendations for the Behavior Intervention Plan.



First, we define the problem behavior with the teacher/para using a questionnaire.
Then we train the paraprofessional or teachers to take data using Behavior Skills Training (BST) which is an evidence base procedure to train staff consisting of instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback.
We use a questionnaire for interviewing related teachers and service providers.
We conduct a caregiver interview
We visit again to check the data and provide feedback or additional training and observe the student.
If necessary, we may return for a third or fourth visit.
Then we collect, organize, chart, and graph the data entries by function.
We then write the FBA with the hypothesized function and suggestions for replacement behavior.
Finally, we send the FBA to the caregiver and school for written confirmation of acceptance.



The NYC Department of Education can issue a voucher for an independent FBA. This is known as an AA2 Form.
Our 2022 rate for an FBA is $2300. This must be obtained by the caregiver/advocate/attorney from the DOE/SCHOOL before we will accept the student. We may have a waiting list at any given time for assessments.

For more information or for questions regarding the FBA process, please contact Mrs. Covelli-Smith at